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Known by her family as “Mayflower,” this is the perfect month to spotlight Brenda Catlin, quite likely the sunniest personality in the whole firm. 

Backstory:  I grew up in the hamlet of Wyandanch in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY.  I was the 2nd eldest of six kids - (4 girls/2 boys).  My siblings were all scholarship athletes.  I opted for baton twirling and being a chronic truant in high school.  My mother would escort me into the school building, and once she left, I would exit out the back.  Just didn’t like it.  I’ve been with H&S for 10 years as of April.  I enjoy: home DIY projects, decorating, true crime television, reading, writing short stories and chilling w/my pet partner in crime – Max.

When I was a kid I wanted to be  . . . a writer.

Worst job I ever had: Out of high school, I worked at a mineral recoveries company.  I sent letters via Telex machine! 

Coolest thing I’ve ever done:  DIY kitchen renovation

Most daring thing I’ve ever done: pull up stakes from Long Island, NY and relocate to Richmond, VA.

Favorite place to visit or best vacation ever:  Jamaica, West Indies

If I wasn’t doing this, I’d rather be . . . .AT THE BEACH on Long Island reading a book.

Famous people I’ve met:  writers Maya Angelou and Toni Morrison.

Favorite movie:  Murder by Death (detective spoof)

Favorite artist/actor:  Peter Falk as Columbo

Best trial story:   From the admin side of working in a law practice, seeing the attorneys you work with everyday morph into superior client advocates during trial; (they always were superior advocates, but at trial it’s a whole other level).

Best advice you’ve ever received:  Don’t let them see you sweat.

Best advice you’ve received from an H&S colleague:  If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

Inside scoop:  Brenda always (always) starts the day with a cheery “good morning” and never seems to have a bad day.  The “truancy” above was a shocker. . . until we learned she skipped school to go home and sew all day. Real juvenile delinquent.  On the upside, she is a “go to” if you need a quick hem before trial.  Cool under pressure even with deadlines looming, Brenda always gets the job done and is one of those people who never says “no,” even when she should.  Just don’t ask her to buy dessert for someone’s birthday or you’ll always (always) get her favorite - strawberry shortcake.  Feel free to buy her one TODAY though . . . it’s her birthday!! 

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